Hijab & Ifaf - Wearing Hijab as a Non Muslim
I was surfing in Answer.Yahoo, I faced a question amazed me:
Shineon Rick Wright who introduce himself in his profile as an open mind and lover of music and joking says:

"I'm not Muslim, not even from a Muslim family, not even religious in fact. However, I wear the hijab (well, not being Muslim I guess it wouldn't be a hijab, so I guess I mean headscarf in that style since there have been all kinds of various head coverings for women over time), and I have worn it for quite a while.

Something that was originally a curiosity experiment about what Muslim women did and experienced wearing one in the west turned into something more. I started to enjoy it. I've after going through the obligatory "look at me!!!" teenage phase way back when have always believed in dressing modesty, so that's probably part of the reason I took to it and even had an original curiosity.
But it's more than that. It's almost liberating, it's like a powerful piece of a body armor I feel almost naked without now. The symbolism it gives off is powerful I believe, it's something that demands respect for those that wear it in a "I want you to hear what is coming out my head, not just stare at my head" kind of way, and anecdotally I think this is true in terms of the amount of patronizing comments received from men.(Men, fun fact, women in fact know things about electronics and video games too)."

Posted : 1391/06/13 By : Narimani