Hijab & Ifaf - The Letter of Converted Sister From Mexico

A converted sister from Mexico who saw the blog wrote a letter about Hijab, and I publish his latter with her permission:

Salaam Aleikum brother,
I have read some of the articles you have in your blog and I have seen many talking about Hijab. It took me several years to wear Hijab after I became a Muslim, mainly there was still a process of growth in my side, there is a lot of aspects that one has to overcome specially living in a society that does not encourage Hijab and second because of coming from a non Muslim family. but having said that, I felt that I had to work more on the inner spiritual Hijab first before the outside. the understanding that what makes me a Muslim woman in the eyes of Allah (swa) for me was much more important (and still is) than my outside appearance. subsequently, the Hijab begins to happen almost natural and little by little. The reason why I am sharing this with you brother is because I have felt many times that Muslims tend to concentrate a lot on the outside Hijab, but as you are in the path to teach other people I would like to share humbly with you, that what makes me so in love with my Hijab is the integrity of my whole being, the outside Hijab as being a reflection of the beauty that is inside, meaning the nearness to Allah (swa).
peace and blessings to you,
your sister in Islam.